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About Jackie

Art of the Body

Art is an instinctual practice for me that is amplified by my travels and studies of archaeology and non-western body art practices.  


I have been privileged to work on several archaeological digs as site artist and excavator. First-hand observance and recording of pictography and petroglyphs (paintings and carvings on stone)  enriched my understanding and knowledge of ancient cultures both in America and abroad. It is striking to me that in our ancestral past, and in many traditional ethnic groups still in existence today, art, including art of the body, is not an expression separate and apart from elements of daily life. The lines and patterns cut and inked into the skin through scarification practices and traditional tattooing as well as impermanent bodily adornment: jewelry, makeup, hair arrangements, and garments are all intentionally chosen to project unspoken messages intertwined with spiritual beliefs, fertility rites, marriage observances, and a myriad other cultural aspects.  


Combining my compulsion to create with my passion and study of archaeology, anthropology, and body art practices has culminated in this collection of jewelry that pays homage to cross-cultural beauty and ceremonial adornment while honoring the nature of the wood and metal that I work with.